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New Concept Report 2018 Volume 2

October 16th, 2018 by Jeremy Smith

The latest New Concept Report includes 71 new brands ranging from child-related to real estate concepts. For this update we found the following trends:

  • Within the QSR sector the trend was away from high-calorie traditional American cuisine, with multiple Asian or Mediterranean entries, and a general bend towards healthier offerings.
  • Within recreation, fitness and the education sectors an overarching theme was cultivating a social setting for individuals to pursue self-betterment in a group context.
  • 7 brands exceeded one million dollars in reported average unit revenue
  • 19 brands offer a franchise business that is either a mobile or can be operated from a home office.


About the New Concept Report

FRANdata has a first-look advantage with emerging franchise brands through their FDD filings and our ongoing discovery process, including site visits and contacts with executives of these new businesses. We are the only company that tracks all franchise brands in the United States and verifies their viability in the marketplace. Subscribers of the New Concept Report integrate its data and contact components into their ongoing franchise selling strategy, as well as their marketing planning, to support their long term business development goals. Learn more about the new concept report here.

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