Research Analytics and the Emerging Franchise Market

The complex and dynamic franchise business model has always been a powerful growth strategy. In recent years, the market for franchised businesses in the United States has seen an influx of exposure, growth, successes, and challenges. New franchise brands appear every day, with an average of 300 brands beginning to offer franchise investment opportunities every year. This study examines the trends, experiences and challenges of the 1,740 emerging brands that have started franchising since 2012.

The Franchise Education and Research Foundation of the International Franchise Association (IFA) partnered with FRANdata to assess the characteristics, experiences and challenges of new and emerging franchisors. A combination of in-house data analysis, survey analysis, and qualitative phone interviews lead to the discovery of the major findings of this study.

 Over 40% of brands that currently offer franchises in the United States started franchising over the last five years.  While these franchise systems start small, the number of individual business locations found within these brands represent a significant number of units within the franchising universe.  This report walks you through the characteristics of this subsection of franchising, where they operate, and how they are performing.


About the Analyst


Anya Nowakowski

As an analytical “triple threat” Anya brings to the table laser sharp analytical capabilities, an ability to translate data into workable solutions for her clients, and an inquisitive mind that leaves no stone left unturned.   Her research at FRANdata focuses on business intelligence custom research projects. Anya has worked on custom projects analyzing marketing trends across the franchise industry, identifying demand for digital marketing solutions, and assessing best practices for franchise financial performance representations.

Anya brings with her a background of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Coming from the policy world, she analyzed the impacts of federal policy on local governments. Anya’s research and analysis focused on local government finance, economic development, and infrastructure policy, especially with respect to funding and financing. Anya is a published author of many news articles, and research and policy reports.